Sunday, March 28, 2010

Drums of Heaven, Delhi

Drums of Heaven

S-14 Green Park Extn
2685 5963 / 2656 1779 / 4168 2882 / 99531 10356

Ordered a Home Delivery from here and I think we have found our "soon-to-be" regular Chinese delivery joint.

Their specialty after which they are named is the "Drums of Heaven" (Rs275) what is unique about them is that they have flesh on both sides (of the aluminium foil used to grip the bone) like a barbell. They had very thoughtfully put in a heavy napkin to absorb the moisture of the steam and this may probably be the first time that a home delivery order of drums of heaven has not been soggy by the time it reached. The crispiness just added to the flavor and the honey chilli dipping sauce was a good combination.

I also loved the Pepper Honey Chicken (Rs280) It had just the right amount of honey to not be nauseating and an occassional hint of cracked pepper. This is a dish we will definitely repeat the next time we order from here.

The hakka chicken noodles(Rs165) were the standard noodles available everywhere without the usual heavy handedness of oil. So it felt light and crispy. Even the chicken shreds were light, rather than clumpy and chewy.

I did not much care for the Hunan Style Chicken(Rs 280) Too much cornflour and soya sauce and a terrible let down after the wonderful balance of the Pepper Honey Chicken.

When your bill crosses 950Rs, they offer a complimentary dish of rice or noodles and a full sized dish at that. since I had already ordered a plate of noodles, I requested the rice. Again, it was a light dish.

They say that their specialty is seafood which is fresh and flown in daily, but I had not ordered any dishes today from their lobster(1150Rs), baby crab (495Rs), squid (440Rs), Jumbo Prawn (765Rs), River Sole (365Rs) options. Chicken dishes are uniformly priced at 280Rs, lamb at 295Rs, Vegetarian between 220-260Rs.

They offer a variety of spring rolls, dimsum, kothe and wantons.

The Home Delivery menu does not have any dessert options, but I'm not sure if they have ice creams and the like for in-dining.

A lot of Indian-Chinese Restaurats tend to be over-generous with the oil which leaves the eater with a feeling of bloating by the end of the meal. I did not feel that way at all after this meal, which is a good sign.

They charge 6Rs per container for home delivery and 12.5% VAT

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