Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mamagoto, Delhi

53, Khan Market
Middle Lane
New Delhi
Ph: 4516 6063

Located in the middle lane at Khan Market. The entry door to this eatery is easily missable. The climb up the stairs wasn't very confidence inspiring either. But I had heard decent reviews of this place and hence we kept climbing.

We were greeted by a minimalistically decorated dining area with the chairs all done up in white, which were quite comfy once we sat down. Chinese art inspired murals dotted the corners of some walls and a pink cupboard dominated center space. "Mamagoto" is an interactive and context-aware dining system which encourages small children to "play" with food.

Using this as inspiration, Mamagoto in Khan Market attempts to serve up Fun Asian Eating.

We ordered the Prawn Ball Soup (125Rs) which had a coconut milk base. The husband said it was tasty. Quantity was enough to be split into two, but I can't eat prawns outside the house (allergies) so I skipped this.

The starters (small bites) were almost all deep-fried, Tempuras and the like. Nor was I in the mood for a salad (there was only one non-veg option anyway, although there were 4 vegetarian options) The only non-fried starter on the menu was the Mamagoto Chicken wrap (295Rs). While the wrap itself was a good combination of 5 spice marinated chicken and fresh crisp vegetables, the hoisin sauce on top was a bit over-the-top. With its strong flavoring, it drowned out all the other fresh flavors in the wrap. I would have preferred the sauce to just have been served on the side.

The husband chose the "classic chicken and leek yakitori" (325Rs) from the Coal Fired Robata Grill Section. This was a good dish. Flavours were well balanced and the sauce on the side complimented the dish. It looked like a small portion when it arrived, but after the soup he found it to be quite filling.
Note: there were 3 sticks when it arrived, but I forgot to click the picture immediately :)
I ordered the Chiang Mai Train Station Noodles (325Rs) from the Signature section, which was supposed to be inspired by Burmese Khow Sway. It came completely assembled with noodles and shredded chicken in a coconut milk sauce. Fried onions and garlic on the top. The flavor was good, but I did find the sauce a bit too thick, which gave it a heavy feeling, unlike the street food in South East Asia which leaves you feeling full yet light.

Additional taxes included 12.5% VAT and 8% Service Charge. Which brought the bill close to 1300Rs for 2 without drinks or dessert.

Ambience : 3.5
Food : 3.0
Service : 4

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