Sunday, December 01, 2013

Ame Gujarati, Ahmedabad

Ame Gujarati
169, Sindhu Bhavan Road,
Off S G Highway,
079 29096821

I visited Ame Gujarati with my mum some time ago - courtesy the 2 thalis I had won on Zomato's - Write for a bite contest. I wasn't expecting much, so Ame Gujarati ended up exceeding my expectations.

They have 3 types of thalis with different type of serving plates, different number of items and different price points - Vepari - 270 / Sheth - 380 / Nagar Sheth - 551. Our voucher entitled us to 2 Sheth thalis. As far as I could tell the Nagar sheth thali has an extra farsaan and a special sweet. Is that and eating out of a silver plate, worth an additional 170Rs?  You need to decide when you enter. However the items on the menu differ daily and seasonally.

Unlike most Gujarati Thali restaurants which seat customers in a large or small hall, Ame Gujarati has multiple glass houses, which seat about 20-30 people in each. You can either use the entire glass house or have a table that seats 6 or more.

The thali items offered were pretty standard. A thali of chutneys and pickles and chundo was first kept on the table, then came papads, salad and punjabi samosas. In the thali itself, we were served 2 types of sweets - mohan thal and fruit matho (fruits in shrikand), cheese samosas and khandvi, 4 veg side dishes, dhal, kadhi. rotli, puri, rice, juice and buttermilk. There was a choice of kesar pista or fruit bonanza ice cream at the end (it tasted like it was from havmor).

What did I like? - the ambience is nice. If you have a larger group that wants to relax, its a good option. They don't make you hurry up like they do at Gordhan Thal. But its still not as good as Agashiye for me.

The food was average. Nothing stood out and made me say "wow" or inspire me to take another helping - like Gordhan thals chaat basket or Agashiyes basundi.

The service is also somewhere in the middle. Its not bad, nor is it overly subservient, it was polite, but it was a little haphazard. We got our sweets with the papad, but then it took over 8-10 minutes for the rotlis and sabjis to arrive. I opted for the rotlis without ghee and they were dry and slightly hard. (I haven't faced this problem with non ghee rotlis at Agashiye, Sarbhara or Gordhan Thal - they are always soft, whether they pour ghee on top of your rotli or not.

The food wasn't very hot when served. My guess is that the distance they have to travel from the kitchen to the cabana is causing a part of the problem.

Its a nice place to have a thali near SG road if you don't want to wait for a table at Gordhan Thal, which is why I've rated it 3.5, but sadly for me, nothing stood out so exceptionally, that made me think - "Yes, I want to come back again soon"

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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