Saturday, July 05, 2014

Photo Feature : Ramadan in Ahmedabad's Old City - Part 1 - Laari's

Taking a walk in Ahmedabad's Old City during Ramadan is an absolute delight for a "Foodie Photographer". While the Foodie in me, wasn't greatly excited by the food on offer (I've had much better experiences and way tastier food at Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai, near the Jamma Masjid in Old Delhi, the Old City of Lucknow and a couple of different Ramadan food markets in Bangalore) there were a couple of exceptions.

However, the photographer in me was truly delighted, because Ahmedabad's Bhatiyaar Gali isn't as overrun with foodie photographers as the afore mentioned cities, so we got a a really great response from the people we encountered. They were curious as to whether we (the husband and me) worked with any particular newspaper and why we were taking pictures. And some of them insisted that we try their food - hence we discovered the most exciting khaaja being made my 2 men who were actually sitting on the footpath and cooking on a small stove. Kids came up to us requesting us to take their pictures, so it was a great experience overall.

I took so many pictures, that I thought of posting a series of these photos, since I couldn't control the length of my shortlist :) of which ones I should post.

The first in this series are the laaris - a term used in Gujarat for push carts selling food. The food could range from a cart selling chicken tikkas to dry fruits to buddi ka baal to be taken home for consumption.

Since the Ramadan Fast is traditionally broken with dates - the first thing eaten at the end of the long day of fasting, I thought starting this series with a picture of dates would be the most appropriate.

This was the first time I saw fluorescent buddhi ka baal

Don't miss the fans installed on these small push carts to fan the coals and keep them constantly hot.

And some Chinese Food for thought.

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