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Amazing Biryani, Ahmedabad

Amazing Biryani
Shop 14, Shyam Tirth Apartment,
Near Chandan Party Plot,
+91 7817006703

Finally! My quest for the best biryani in Ahmedabad has ended. The minute I saw that my home delivery packet had a packet for both raita and salan, my hopes were lifted. On opening the ziplock foil packets, the salan smelt beautifully nutty and perfect unlike the generic watery curry that is often on offer.

After enduring months of oily, unflavoured, colored rice with undercooked or overcooked meat, or just passably "ok"ish biryanis across town, today I finally discovered this gem.

Beautifully cooked individual grains of rice, some mildly flavored from being cooked in stock, some grains slightly more heavily flavored with bits of masala from the meat clinging to them. Sweet caramelised deep fried onions and mint leaves changing the flavour ever so subtly here and there and a few cashewnuts interspersed for a bit of crunch. I could eat just the rice and not even bother if there was any meat in it and THAT is the test of a great biryani!

It was good that I tasted the mutton boti kebab (320/-) - good, but could have been marinated longer and meat slightly more tenderised, chicken 65 (240/-) - one of the better versions available in Ahmedabad and gulabi chicken (245/-) before I sampled the biryani, because once the first morsel crossed my lips, there was no turning back.

What I ordered was the mutton Moghlai biryani (290/-). They have mutton, chicken, egg and veg options. And they offer Moghlai and Andhra varieties of biryani. Will try the Andhra version next time, but my quest has ended for now.

I was intrigued by the Gulabi chicken, so I asked the person on the phone what it was. He said it was a pinkish gravy with chicken and peas. What arrived was quite red as was the little layer of oil over it, but drain the oil away and the curry was really yummy and the chicken was falling apart at the bone. Another perfect dish. Just that and tawa rotis, would make a perfect meal in itself.

They have a lot of Vepudu / Pulusu and other Andhra dishes on the menu including fish. I think I will give their Andhra food a try next time.

I placed my order at 6:15 (the online timings said they were open from 12 noon to 11pm. But the person answering the phone, honestly said that the staff would come in around 6:45 and he would have my delivery home by 7:30 and he kept his word. Very impressed!

They only have Home Delivery right now, no sit down restaurant yet and they offer a 10% discount on home delivery. They also sent me a free 500ml bottle of fanta. I don't drink fanta, but its a nice gesture.

Added on 4 Aug 2014
Had a friend visiting Ahmedabad unexpectedly and had only fruits in the fridge at 7:30pm when I came to know that he was coming over in half an hour. Most of our friends expect good home cooked food when they visit and I knew that would be impossible, so I wondered where to get a home delivery from, that would be tasty and not overly oily and still be a good change for someone who has a range of great non-veg to choose from in Delhi / Gurgaon. I didn't have to think too hard, I immediately settled on Amazing Biryani and everyone loved the food. This was Brajesh's first time tasting their food (he wasn't in town when I had ordered from here the first time) and he has said that we should order from here more often.

The Chicken 65 (240/-) was brilliant as usual and completely addictive, no unnecessary veggies crowding the dish. The chicken banjara kebab (290/-) was kebab in a green marinade and very lovely, juicy, succulent pieces. The goli tara mutton (270/-), was minced mutton balls in an Andhra style curry, that was so good, that the bowls were practically licked clean. The tandoori roti (15/-) & laccha parathas (25/-) were great. (the tandoori roti was good reheated the next day too, didn't turn rubbery) Dum ka sabji (165/-) was a mixed veggie thick gravy that had nice fresh vegetables in it. And this time on their recommendation, I ordered the Amazing Special Dum Biryani (320/-) which was brilliant! Mixed pieces of boneless chicken, mutton, meat balls, egg etc - its a meat lovers delight! Highly, highly recommended.

I had ordered for 2 biryanis and when I opened the package, I realised that only 1 biryani had arrived. I called the restaurant, they apologised and said that they would look into it. within half an hour (inspite of pouring rain outside) the delivery boy was back and he too apologised for the oversight, he handed over the missing biryani and a complimentary coke as an apology. Now I didn't need the coke (they had already sent one free Pepsi with the original order) and we are off fizzy drinks as far as possible, what I loved was the sincerity and earnestness with which they realised that something had gone wrong, didn't get defensive about it, but did their best to rectify the mistake.

Hence for the great food & lovely attention to service and customer, I'm upgrading their rating from 4 to  4.5.

Upgraded Rating : 4.5 / 5

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