Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Photo Feature : Ramadan in Ahmedabad's Old City - Part 3 - Hotel Chetna

Of all the places that we visited in Bhatiyaar Galli, we weren't really inspired to sit down and eat at any of the locations. We did try a lot of the food at the food stalls, but the open sit down restaurants didn't entice us and we thought we could eat at the air conditioned permanent hotels - Paramount etc at any time of the year.

A friend who was with us recommended that we walk the extra distance to Hotel Chetna - closer to Famous samosa than Bhatiyaar galli. Here's the location on Foursquare if you need to find it.

The crowds were much more manageable here and the food looked and smelled better than it had at the other places we had walked past. On tasting it, we knew we had made the right decision to walk this extra distance to eat at Chetna.

They have one counter that just prepares various kinds of eggs.

We tried the fried boiled eggs in the last picture and they were really yummy, the other dishes were us shamelessly photographing other peoples food :)

There was one table that was only refrying dana chicken to order.

The other dish that we tried was the Chetna Special Chicken that the owner was very proud of and insisted that we try it. It was quite yummy actually, but very difficult to describe : something of a cross between chilly chicken, chicken 65 and a bit of sweetness of BBQ chicken thrown in.

Quite enjoyed the food here, but couldn't eat too much after those deep fried boiled eggs and the fried chicken. Serving size was quite large and the bill was less than 300Rs. We will have to return again to sample more of his menu.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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