Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Famous Samosa, Ahmedabad

New Famous Samosa House
Opposite St. Xaviers High School,
Mirzapur Road,

Much much better than Beera Samosa House (which is more famous and written about in travel guides)

Its not too difficult to find this place, just ask for directions to St Xaviers High School and Famous is directly opposite. You will most likely see a horde of kids clutching 10Rupee notes hovering around the entrance for a bit of a munchy before going home to "ghar ka khaana" The urgency in their pleas and their hurry was because they wanted to wolf down some samosas or meat balls before they got into the autos that would transport them home.

This eatery has entrances on both sides of the street, I did not look out the other entrance, but I suspect that it was close to a police station on the other side as there were quite a few cops who were either snacking in the eatery or packing takeaways.

There are a few basic tables where you can sit down and eat, but since I was in a hurry I took them with me as a takeaway and ate them in the car.

The fried chicken was moist and succulent. The samosas were excellent, perfectly balanced flavours and crispy. The meat balls were good, but when I go back, I will be focusing on the samosas and the fried chicken.

They do some excellent packaging for takeaways in palm leaf bowls, so the food doesn't get soggy too quickly.

The owner offered me some buns that he said went very well with these fried munchies. I declined, because we try to minimise the maida in our food. However, I have since heard that the buns are excellent, so next time I will pick up a couple to taste.

I forget the exact rates, but 1/4 kg samosa + 1/4kg meat balls + 1/4 kg chicken came up to 220Rs. They offer half fried versions too if you want to take these eats home and fry them at your convenience.

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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