Monday, March 17, 2014

Cafe Soul Square, Ahmedabad

Cafe Soul Square,
56, Rajpat Row House,
Opposite AIS School,

7am - 11pm

A non-veg serving, all day cafe, not located in a 5 star in Ahmedabad? Definitely made my wishlist, which I finally ticked off today.

The restaurant is spread across 3 floors. I only visited the ground floor. The setting is beautiful, red brick walls and simple tables interspersed with a few reflexology stations.

If you plan to just sip on coffees then the sofas are good seating, but if you plan to eat properly then go for the regular tables and chairs, the sofas are spaced too far from the table to make eating comfortable, unless you really want to eat at the edge of your seat.

The iced lemon green tea (55/-), was a bit of a disaster. It seemed to be black tea not green. It suffered from all the problems that home made iced tea in India does. The liquid had turned cloudy, it was too strong and it had turned bitter. It was served with an option of sugar free or honey, but even that did not help and I had to leave it unfinished.

The paneer fusion dosa (100/-) was like a thin uthappam, a pretty decent snack and while it was supposed to be served with coconut hummus, it tasted like normal coconut chutney to me.
The mince chicken omlette (150/-) was quite tasty, but the accompanying panini bread was too dry and hard to enjoy.

The hot chocolate fudge slice (50/-) was actually some kind of chocolate flavoured mawa/paneer/milk cake. It was tasty, but definitely not what I was expecting.

Their USP is "Healthy" food with some fusion, but I wasn't really impressed. Nothing that I ate, inspired me to go back for more.

The reflexology sessions could be a draw though. They even have classes for those interested. There are books that you can borrow to read in the cafe and you may even find a photogrpahy or yoga class advertised on their notice board.

Food was average, ambiance lovely, idea good, but execution and final product was weak. I'd rather head to Sandwichworkz anyday.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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