Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Chocolate Room, Ahmedabad

There are multiple outlets of Chocolate Room in Ahmedabad and I've reviewed some of them here. The thing to note is that while The Chocolate Room in other States serve non veg and alcohol laced coffees, the ones in Ahmedabad are pure vegetarian and non-alcoholic.

The Chocolate Room,
3rd Floor, Alpha One Mall,
079 65216333

This particular outlet of Chocolate Room doesn't serve the full menu of snacks that the other outlets do. They serve most of the chocolates and coffees. (They have recently even started a sugar free chocolate drink)

Service is fast and efficient, even when they are crowded. It is self service like all the other stalls in the food court, but the quality of their chocolate drinks is as good as any of their other outlets.

Often times we just have one chocolate shake from here and skip lunch. They are loaded with calories, but they are also very filling.

The Ferrero Rocher shake, toroncino, black forest shake, dutch truffle shake and hazelnut granita are among my favourites.

Rating : 4 / 5

The Chocolate Room,
18/19, Super Mall 2,
079 23213323, +91 9426079300

Whenever, we take visiting friends and family to either Indroda Nature Park or for a tour of the sights of Gandhinagar, we always end up at this outlet of the Chocolate Room for a refreshing break midway or at the end of the trip.

Sometimes the staff there seems a little unsure, but as long as you deal with them with patience, you always get service with a smile.

They have really comfortable seating and its a great place to relax and sip on excellent chocolate and coffee at the end of a hectic and tiring day

Rating : 4 / 5

The Chocolate Room,
6, Camps Corner 2,
Opposite Prahlad Nagar Garden,
Prahlad Nagar
079 40064508

I love the Chocolate Room, but the service at this particular outlet is really really very slow compared to the Other Chocolate Rooms in Ahmedabad, and compared to Chocolate Rooms in Pune and Bangalore, the speed is worse than snails pace. They take over 20 minutes to serve 2 chocolate shakes even if the cafe is empty and there are 2 staff on duty.

So inspite of this outlet being the closest to our residence, it is the outlet we visit the least. The ones in Alpha Mall and next to Crossword in Navrangpura and Iscon Mega Mall offer much more efficient service.

The food quality is on par with its other outlets but the service is extremely slow (even if you tell them that you are in a hurry) and hence quite terrible.

Rating : 2.5 / 5

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