Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Girish Coldrinks, Ahmedabad

Girish Coldrinks
Abhishek Complex,
C G Road,
079 26460328, +91 9374425833

After spending a couple of hours browsing the book exhibition at Smt Sushilaben Ratilal Hall on CG Road, I really needed something to quench my thirst,

Seeing Girish Cold Drinks was next door and had been highly recommended by foodie friends whose opinion I trust, I did not have to think any further. The place was small and practically on the road side, with a few tables spread outside.
I asked for a pineapple juice without sugar, the waiter honestly told me that it wouldn't be possible. the juices he could give me without sugar were narangi, musambi and watermelon, so I chose the watermelon (30/-).

It was so good and refreshing, that I also asked for a bhelpuri (and forgot to mention meetha kam - Chaat in Gujarat tends to be too sweet for my taste buds) Inspite of that I got a perfectly balanced bhelpuri (50/-), the mix of sweet, salt, spice and sour was perfect. The only thing that did not completely appeal to me were the pieces of beetroot on top. I understand the need to add color to a dish, but I don't like seeing healthy veggies atop a sinful dish of chaat.

I'm definitely going back to try their thandai and kaju anjir shake as recommended by my other friends.

Rating : 4 / 5

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