Friday, March 28, 2014

Millenium, Ahmedabad

Millenium Quality Food,
C/1 Ground Floor, Patel Avenue
Near Gurudwara (0n service road)
SG Highway
079 2685 1897, 95863 00290

Millenium is a smallish (5 tables setup) dhabha type open air eatery on the SG Highway, located on the service road leading to the Gurudwara near Krishna Hotel. While the kitchen set up and open air location on the road may make you feel like it will be very basic, the seating arrangements are quite good.

They offer veg and non veg items and were heavily recommended by some long time foodie Ahmedabad residents. So I had to stop here and pick up dinner the other night. While some of these foodies told me that they have eaten there in large groups, the current mosquito menace was not conducive to eating on location, so I ordered a takeaway.

The waiting time was quite long (about 35 minutes) for a takeaway from a dhabha, but they seemed to be serving seated customers first, which I do appreciate.

The guy in charge also told me that they would deliver in a 3km radius, if the order was above 500/-, so next time, I can skip the waiting.

The tandoori rotis (14/-) were amazing, even though they were without butter (by request) and they paired perfectly with the gravies I had ordered. The boneless kolhapuri chicken (175/-) gravy was lovely, though it was a little weird to find Chinese style battered and deep fried chicken pieces in the curry. The bheja masala (160/-) was great too.

The chicken 65 (165/-) was my favourite item of the night -spicy, sour and meaty.The White mutton gravy (160/-) that he recommended was interesting, but average. There was hardly any meat in the gravy and it was mostly just bones.

There are a lot of items on the menu that I am interested in seeing what they look and taste like, (chicken shirazi, mutton rang, chicken and mutton sawai, chicken and mutton gulgi) so I'll definitely be ordering from them again. Also my friends heavily recommend the Indian home style chicken, and garlic chicken which will definitely be on the order next time.

I must mention that the bill came up to less than 700Rs and if I had ordered more rotis, it could have comfortably fed about 5-6 people.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

On a later occassion, we actually ordered food on the phone at 11:30 pm and picked it up around midnight. So its a great place to pick up food, if you need something simple and basic, late at night. 

Their desi chicken was absolutely amazing curry, but the pahadi kebab was average.

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