Saturday, March 01, 2014

Yanki Sizzler, Ahmedabad

Yanki Sizzler,
4, Ground Floor - Binori Ambit,
Next to Renault Showroom,
Near Thaltej Circle,
S G Highway,
079 30257202

We normally make detailed plans on Saturday as to where we will have lunch on Sunday and what historic/nature spot we will visit in the evening. But, by the time we wake up on Sunday morning, all plans go flying out the window and we end up ordering in and just enjoying the peace and quiet of our house.

This time we decided to have lunch at Yanki Sizzlers (the only sizzler specialty restaurant that also serves non veg options), but since we didn't leave the house, we decided to order in from them. But, it obviously did not make sense to order sizzlers as home delivery.

The reviews on zomato said that their Chinese was good, so we decided to try that out. But first we started with grilled french fries with mushrooms and cheese (160/-). I don't think the french fries were grilled, only the mushrooms were, but it was still a very tasty dish.

The grilled fish on a bed of vegetables (290/) was very different from anything we have had before. 4 pieces of boneless fish in a thick sauce with Indian spices and a melange of vegetables in a Chinesey sesame sweet sauce. The portion of fish felt tiny, but the salad was more than enough for 2 people.

The chicken hakka noodles (200/-), and chicken manchurian (220/-) were straightforward and good. The Egg chilli dry (210/-) was unusual - quartered boiled eggs, batter fried and tossed in a chilli chicken like masala.

The American chopsuey (190/-)  was tasty, but the ratio of noodles to sauce was completely off. I would have expected at least double the quantity of noodles if not triple, given the amount of sauce (as you can se in the first picture, tge plastic container has the sauce and the foil container right next to it has the fried noodles).

Waiting to visit the outlet and try their sizzlers first hand. The menu does look interesting with some unique combinations.

Edited on 3 Mar 2014 to Add:

We finally reached Yanki Sizzlers for lunch on a Saturday.

I'd loved the egg chilli fry when we ordered it home, so we reordered it. It was even better than I remembered. The chicken 65 was also excellent.

We ordered the mix grill platter and the chilli rubbed chicken with mashed potatoes. My husband found the mix grill a bit overwhelming and all piled in higgledy piggledy, so he wasn't very happy with it. In his words : "The sizzler quantity is HUGE. I ordered a mix grill sizzler and found the quantity too much. Also it was badly laid out and hence did not look very appealing. Everything was piled one on top of the other and a brown sauce poured on top. It was difficult to identify what I was eating until I put it in my mouth. Taste was also average. There's a lot of quantity, but it felt very expensive compared to the other items we ordered and what was served in this sizzler."

I was decently happy with my sizzler and found it a better option than Upper Crust Prahladnagar sizzlers non-veg options

However, I do think that Yankee Sizzler, does a much better job on their Chinese starters.

The decor was slightly over the top. Lighting is extremely dim, so the restaurant looks old and a bit seedy. They need to brighten it up. We could not get a single decent picture of the food, that's how bad the lighting was.

Service was very quick and efficient.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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