Sunday, March 23, 2014

Iscon Ganthiya, Ahmedabad

Iscon Ganthiya
Opposite Karnavati Club,
S G Highway,
+91 9974803838, +91 9974103838

In celebration of the fact that our routine medical tests showed all things were normal (cholesterol, sugar etc etc) we decided to "indulge" in an unhealthy breakfast for a change from our "normal" fruit / muesli / multi grain breakfasts.

I've always seen a ton of people standing outside this location, especally when we return from late night movie shows. However, it was relatively empty this morning and I ordered 100gm each of papdi, fafda, gathiya and jalebis. Seeing that I was very keenly examining and tasting the food, the guy gave me some complimentary masala french fries to try too.

This was my first time eating "sweet" french fries" - the masala had chilli powder salt and Sugar in it, however, it wasn't a bad combination.
They also serve complimentary papya salad, a kadhi-chutney mix and salted green chillies as accompaniments.

My personal favourite is always the papdi, but everything else was great too, except the ganthiya that was too large and soft for my liking (I prefer the UP version of Ganthiya). The best part is that it has minimal oil, even the stuff that was packed to takeaway was wrapped in newspaper and there was hardly any oil, even a couple of hours later.

100gms of 4 varieties came up to 140/- It was more than enough breakfast for 3-4 people (hence the takeaway)

If you want to eat at the location, its standing option only, at tall tables.

On a subsequent visit, I realised that they use an Italian Pasta machine to make their fafdas. This is  the first time, I have actually seen this being done. (Its normally made by deft wrist movements of experts)

Brajesh says:
We had some amazing Gathiyas from here today. The fact that there was no oil residue on the hand after eating was completely amazing.

The accompanying papaya salad was not too spicy, it was well balanced, adding texture to the gathiya without altering the taste too much.

The potato chips were ok, spicy but not too great, This is not an item I would go back for, but it was very nice of them to give it free. Other than this, I enjoyed all the other items

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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