Friday, March 21, 2014

Chai Nashta, Ahmedabad

Chai Nashta
B/2, Shivalik Business Center,
Behind Rajpath Club,
Off S G Highway,
079-40191784 / 079-65211975
11am - 11pm

The furniture and decor of this place is absolutely beautiful. Very different from anything I've seen in Ahmedabad. Bright and cheery, with very interesting seating options. The place mats with laminated cutouts of movie stars seems kiddish, but I guess it is meant to appeal to the high school / college crowd.

Unfortunately, the service and food are quite a bad let down to this beautiful first impression from the furniture.

When I entered around 5:30pm, I was the only customer in the Cafe. I ordered a tulsi green tea (50/- - rose wasn't available) It took 20 minutes to arrive. 20 Minutes ? in an empty restaurant? to put a teabag in a cup and serve it with a pot of hot water and 2 wheat bisuits on the side?

I'd also ordered a channa chapti (50/- kind of a bhel made with channa jor - flattened roasted chickpeas - instead of puffed rice) and Jalapeno Cheese Nuggets (70/- for 6 pieces, its also served in their sister restaurant next door - Deeana - but they charge 250/- for the same dish there, if this is their presentation, I honestly don't know how they can justify it).

The Channa chapti wasn't bad. The Jalapeno Cheese Nuggets were one of those frozen ready-to-fry varieties. They took 40 minutes to arrive and were still ice cold in the center.

There were 2 people behind the counter for food preparation, there was another person to take the order, the Jalapeno Cheese Nuggets came from Deeana's kitchen next door, so there is absolutely no justification for the inordinate delay in service.

This is not a place that I'll ever return to.

Rating : 2 / 5

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