Sunday, March 16, 2014

R.K. Egg Eatery, Ahmedabad

R.K. Egg Eatery,
119, Opposite Karnavati Club,
Near Shalby Hospital,
S G Highway, Satellite,
+91 9824493779

Stopped here for a quick early dinner. Given that RK started life as a laari (push cart - or so we have heard) at NID, we were pleasantly surprised by the air conditioned comfort at this location that had eleven 4 seater tables and the tables and chairs were much better quality than the standard plastic chairs that abound in Ahmedabad Eateries.

This was a our first "Egg specialist" eatery, so we were quite shocked at the 75+ varieties of Egg Preparations on the menu, broadly grouped under omelettes, bhurji (scrambled), curry, fried items and rice dishes.

Whatever we tried, we quite enjoyed - Surti Ghotala (150/-) & Boiled Tikka Kheema (120/-). All their dishes come with 2 slices of toast or rotis, and a side dish of chopped onions, chopped lettuce and green chutney, that you can use to create a wrap or in any other combination. So one plate is a decent sized meal for a person, since the egg dish has 2 eggs in it.

In our tikka kheema, both eggs were boiled and chopped in large pieces and fried up like a tawa fry (closest approximation that I can think of).

The Surti Ghotala had 1 boiled egg practically grated into the thick curry sauce and one half fried egg, that was again topped with some more masala covering the fried egg like a purdah.

We will definitely go back a couple of times, to do justice to this menu and also work up courage to try their "Special" egg curry (350/-) which supposedly has cheese, butter, dates, nuts and dry fruits.

Edited on 5 Apr 14 to add :

My husbands quest for the perfect French Toast is finally over!

My version of French Toast is sweet, batter of beaten egg with sugar, milk and a hint of cinnamon or nutmeg. He never understood how French Toast served in hotels was always sweet because French Toast served in hostel and at his home was basically bread dipped in masala omlette mix and fried.

RK Egg Eatery, makes their French toast exactly the way he likes it and to make it even more perfect, they roll the egg in sev after dipping it in egg and before frying. He normally adds sev on top of French toast (and most breakfast items), but here they fried it up with the toast itself, putting the husband in foodie heaven. They call it the Rizwan Fry Sev (120/-).

Don't be misled by the name, but the Egg Pakoda (50/-) is a boiled egg, stuffed into a pav bun which has masala butter smeared on it. At 50/- its a real steal. You can completely be happy with just one of these buns at snack time or 2 for a complete meal.

We had the Surti Special Kheema (140/-) which is a spicy preparation with cheese and butter. The Nargis Gotalo Special (200/-) had a boiled egg curry and a half fried egg on top which melted into the masala once broken, topped with a different green masala, yummy goodness. The Varsha Fry Curry (200/-) was similar in flavours, but still different.

So many different things yet to try, the added bonus is that they deliver home too.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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