Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Zen Cafe, Ahmedabad

Zen Cafe,
CEPT Campus,
University Area,
079 65459298
Zen Cafe is a chain in Ahmedabad that serves teas, coffees and vegetarian snacks. The range of items available depends on the location of the cafe.

We have stopped at the CEPT location a couple of times, especially after viewing exhibitions at the Hutheesingh Visual Arts Gallery or Amdavad ni Gufa. Since it gets really stuffy inside these venues, Zen Cafe is in the perfect spot, for us to take a welcome break after a viewing. Its open air seating is lovely in the winters and pleasant on summer evenings.

Our standard order is normally Cafe Froid - Cold coffees (75/-) and nutella lattes (130/-) in the summer and Zen rooibos tea (90/-)in the winters. We have never really eaten here, but the teas and coffees have always been very good and hit the spot perfectly.

If you want to grab a bite, they offer nachos, rolls, paninis, pizza, quesadillas and sandwiches. They even have cookies, cakes and brownies for dessert. The pizzas and paninis at the neighbouring tables that I have glanced at seemed to be loaded with cheese, so its not our choice for a quick bite, but everyone who ordered these items, seemed quite appreciative of them.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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