Thursday, July 10, 2014

Photo Feature : Ramadan in Ahmedabad's Old City - Part 5 - The Food

After the build up of the last 4 posts, I'm sure, you are most curious about the food. So here they are : from Chinese to Indian, Hyderabadi Haleem to Rangooni Parathas. Enjoy!

We started the evening at Lucky Tea, with a lovely Bun Maska to line our tummies (and because its so delicious at this particular outlet) and a chilled Thumsup to takeaway for the walk.

Followed this up with some brilliant Masala Doodh simmering freshly in a kadai on a little chulha in the middle of the road.

Followed by Garma Garam Samosas.

and some Bengali Kobiraji style cutlets

Then it was time for some Tawa Fried and Barbecued / Tandoori dishes.

We took a look at some curries, but didn't try any.

We did however try some haleem - which wasn't half as good as - the excellent haleem of Pista House in Hyderabad.

The Rangooni Paratha was a much more interesting discovery - deep fried parathas - stuffed with 2 differently flavoured meats.

Ended this outing with a soothing falooda from Gandhi Cold Drink

However, as you already know, we headed to Hotel Chetna for a more substantial bit to eat.

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