Saturday, June 28, 2014

Where to Eat Meat / Non-Veg in Ahmedabad

A reader - Arvind, posted a comment on my review of Pleasure Trove, asking which were the best places for eating meat in Ahmedabad. I originally started to respond as a comment and then realised that the answer to this question, deserved its own blogpost.

I will be recommending places that I haven't written about yet, simply because I haven't gotten around to it. But I will hyperlink the names to reviews if they have already been written. I would also recommend taking a look at a list I have made on Foursquare for Places that serve Non-veg food in Ahmedabad and another list for Good Food in Ahmedabad, which includes Vegetarian Restaurants too and Must Eat-At Places in Gujarat. And if you are a visitor to Gujarat, you may also want to take a look at the lists for an Ahmedabad Tourist Circuit and the Gujarat Tourist Circuit.

I travel a lot, so I also have a list for my favourite places to eat at around the World, in case you are interested.

Coming back to Arvind's original question, Ahmedabad as you must know by now is not really a meat lovers delight. The best places to actually eat meat are the roadside / streetfood / tawa fry types in the Old City and Juhapura.

In Juhapura, I would recommend New Ronak Fry for their tandoori chicken, Magic Chicken for their Shawai chicken,  Ali Baba for Murg Musallam, I Love Biryani for some interesting Biryani's and kebabs.

In the Old City I would heavily recommend Famous samosa, La Bella and Barahandi. Others I have heard about and not yet tried are Moti Mahal, Paramount, Blue Diamond etc.

If you are looking for regular places that serve meat - a good sit down restaurant? My favourites would be That Place, Souq Bistro and Grills, Earthen Oven at the Fortune Landmark and TGKF at Radisson. Fancier and slightly more expensive.

Slightly less expensive would be Awadhpuri, and Barbecue Nation - but I personally believe that the Ahmedabad BBQ Nation is not as good as it is in other cities.

Simran Farm is a good place for more reasonably priced meat dishes in a decent sit down restaurant. Wow Mughlai Handi and Grill and Pleasure Trove, fall into the category for decently priced and air conditioned meat serving locations. But I didn't much care for the food at either of these locations. Living in Delhi has made me extremeley picky about my kebabs and how juicy and tender they should be.

Tawa Dawat at Vijay Crossroads does a good job, but its only takeaway. The advantage is that since it is located next to Icy Pik and in the center of town, it is easier to reach and family friendly.

Sandwichworkz - I LOVE - not because they are superlative quality, but its run by a couple and the warmth they bring to this place is amazing. The menu is very simple, I would recommend their Pakistani style biryani and sausage masala fry with the superlative parathas.

Yanki Sizlers and Ikobo Sizzlers do a semi decent job of sizzlers - you can't compare them to the variety of sizzlers and sauces and quality of a Bombay or Bangalore, but the quality of meat at least is good.

Cafe Formula by Tamura is the only place in the city that serves Pork (not pork cold cuts, but actual pork) other than La Bella in the Old City.

Four Food
serves some excellent Kerala style fish curries that are not made from the ubiquitious BASA! (no, I shall not rant here, this is not the right time or space).

If you are searching for a late night option then Masty or Millenium on SG Highway which have dhabha style food with basic plastic chair eating may be a good option for you. Stick to basic stuff like desi chicken and you won't be disappointed.

And you can't leave Ahmedabad without trying a meal at a place like RK Egg Eatery, that serves over 250 varities of egg dishes, a Gujarati specialty / novelty for sure.

I'm curious to know what other readers of my blog from Ahmedabad think. Which places would YOU add to this list?


Dhaval Patel said...

Noorani fry center tawa at SHAH-E -ALAM..

arvind said...

hey kim i was wondering where in ahmedabad i would get a decent non veg christmas buffet.


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