Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Pleasure Trove, Ahmedabad

Pleasure Trove,
B 101-104, Sakar 7,
Nehru Bridge Corner,
Near Patang Hotel,
Ashram Road
079 26574892, 079 26575192

When we had our Zomato Foodie Meet up, there was quite a debate on whether Pleasure Trove was a good place or not, with foodies having quite strong viewpoints on either side of the spectrum. So I decided that I had to check it out myself at some point.

On Saturday, we wanted to try a new place and so this was where we headed. On our arrival there, I received a bit of a shock. The place had a waiting line outside! In my 2 years of being in Ahmedabad, I have NEVER seen a waiting line outside a restaurant that serves non-vegetarian food. It is actually a rule for us: that if you want immediate entry to a restaurant on Friday or Saturday in Ahmedabad, choose a non-veg place, otherwise be prepared to wait at least half an hour.

However, since we were a group of only 3, they did give us a table immediately (there were lots of family groups of 10+ waiting).

The decor is very fancy in only black and white, so it did have an upmarket feel and seeing the sheer crowd, we were hoping for some excellent food.

We ordered the Pleasure Trove kebab platter (455/-) - the most popular and recommended dish on their menu. Some foodies had complained that theirs arrived cold/ without coals underneath/half cooked - We however were lucky and did not face any such trouble. The Platter had 2 pieces tandoori chicken - average / bland , 2 tangdi kebabs - slightly above average, seekh kebab - slightly dry, very low spicing, not juicy and reshmi kebab - the only good one of the lot)

Our juices (90/-) were good - fresh pineapple and fresh lime. However while I had asked for fresh pineapple without extra sugar, it came with sugar and without ice! I do not understand why the person taking the order wasn't writing it down. With the sheer crowd in there it is a perfect recipe for disaster!

We also ordered a non veg lemon pepper soup (105/-). Which was average taste, but looked like they had dropped whole spoons of salad into it, there were no chicken pieces to be seen. (they charged for non veg soup in the bill) The tom kha chicken soup (120/-) was a bit of a joke. It tasted ok, but it was nothing like any tom kha I have ever seen before. A red color, cornflour thickened slightly spicy soup. Almost like a cream of tomato soup with chilli and chicken.

We had ordered the main course before we got our soup and starter, so, sadly I had ordered a thai red curry chicken (265/-) for mum with steamed rice. Again, the rice variety was one of the average ones (surprising, given that they were charging 105/- for a plate of steamed rice) and the curry looked more like a butter chicken with chillies.

I think if you do decide to go here, you should stick only to Indian, unless you are looking for Gujju Chinese or Gujju Thai (quite different from Indian Chinese / Sino Ludhianwi as Vir Sanghvi calls it)

 I don't think I will return, the food served at Pleasure trove is definitely not to our taste. Punjab King offers much better kebabs (but no seating) and Awadhpuri offers excellent kebabs + ambiance.

However, that said, I'm sure that we are not their target audience, because their business seems to be rocking. Maybe we just have the wrong tastebuds :)

Rating : 3 / 5


arvind said...

id agree that most of the food is average but u should really try the mutton masala here. brilliant it is.
perfectly cooked mutton in an amazing gravy.worth the visit just for that.best mutton ive had in a long time.

and kudos uve got a really nice blog going here

Karishma Pais said...

Thank you for the compliment :)

I'm not sure if I would head here again, but if i do, I will definitely try the mutton masala. Thanks for the recommendation.

arvind said...

hey kim i had just started looking though your blog then but i realise now that nice was a massive understatement.That porkaholics group on fb is amazing had no clue you could get such a wide variety of pork dishes in india.
Im not from ahmedabad I only make the occasional visit so im not sure about the best places to eat in the city so I would really appreciate it if you could tell me that one place which i would just have to visit as a meat lover in ahmedabad

Karishma Pais said...

Arvind, I think this deserves a seperate post. Stay tuned.

Karishma Pais said...

The post is up, hope it helps :)


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