Friday, April 25, 2014

Dairy Den, Ahmedabad

Dairy Den,
Sanidhya Building,
100 Feet Road,
Anand Nagar,
Prahlad Nagar,
+91 9879113974

The Prahladnagar Dairy Den is in the same building as Delizio, but on the outside with open air seating.

Dairy Den has an interesting collection of ice creams, which is perfect for this horridly hot summer. You can ask for your ice cream in either a waffle cone or the standard cups. For me the perfect way to indulge is bring home a whole tub of a couple of flavours and then create a sundae out of them.

My favourite flavours are : choco - layers, choco chip marble, rich chocolate walnut and the French Vanilla (its no surprise that most of my favourites are chocolate based, is it?)

The good thing is that, unlike some other ice cream brands of Ahmedabad (that I will not name here for fear of upsetting some more sensitive and passionate Ahmedabad foodies) the flavours don't taste synthetic and the chocolate used is pretty decent quality.

I've not yet got around to trying their inhouse Premium sundaes, but maybe one of these days for lunch. . . . .

Edited on 15 Jul 14 to add:
Tried the Sundaes this weekend. Husband had an Indian Beauty (110/-) which was French Vanilla with some kesar, honey and almonds which was good.

I wasn't happy with my Soft Serve French Vanilla with Nutella and hazelnuts. The crushed nuts had peanuts mixed in to them and the soft serve ice cream wasn't properly churned, so it was melting very quickly and when it melted, it was separating into watery ice cream and milk solids.

Rating : downgraded from 3.5 to 2.5 / 5

Disclaimer : Since I normally buy their tubs and don't eat on location and the tubs aren't very pretty to photograph, so the picture above is from the Dairy Den, website

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