Saturday, April 05, 2014

Honey Hut, Ahmedabad

Honey Hut,
2, Krishna Tower,
100 Feet Road,
Anand Nagar,
079 40091768

I LOVE honey and when this cafe opened, I knew I HAD to visit.

Everything in this cafe is made with honey as an ingredient. Their kitchen is onsite (unusual for a bakery), so everything is prepared fresh and if you have an order for a cake, they say they will make it fresh for you while you sip on a tea or coffee.

Their chocolate truffle cake (65/-) was moist and succulent and sprinkled with honey when served. The Choco Honey Shake (100/-) was amazing. Chocolate milkshake with the added flavour of honey. The honey chilli mushrooms (130/-) were lovely, but given that they had a slight liquid sauce, I would have loved to have had some kind of accompaniment with it.

They use their own Acacia Honey from their own eco farm in the Himalayas in all their products and you can also buy some at the cafe. Flavoured honey's like Eucalyptus and multi-flower are also on their shelves. Organic Honey is a little more expensive. They even have some beauty products - shampoo, lip balm, foot creams etc.

I picked up a bottle of eucalyptus honey (120/-) to have with my morning medicinal / herbal ginger lemon tea and it is perfect.

I packed a corn delight sandwich (80/-) as a takeaway - 2 really large slices of white bread sandwich, with mayonnaise, sweet corn kernels, capsicum and onion filling. It was supposed to be served with a honey cheese dip, but since I brought it home, I think they couldn't pack the dip. The sandwich felt really moist and soft yesterday, but when I took it out of the refrigerator this morning it had turned a little dry and hard, the taste was good, but a little too much onion for me in a sandwich. I don't mind so much onion in chaat, but not in a sandwich. They do make their own bread and have promised to start making brown bread soon.

They also gave me a complementary honey muffin to try out and it was quite good.

They organise party boxes of snacks and sweets that you can use for office functions, kitty parties, or even kiddy picnics. They have honey flavoured chocolates too, if you are a chocoholic, you would love to try them out.

The people who staff this cafe are really sweet and helpful. Full marks for service and information. Do give them a try.

Rating : 4 / 5

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