Sunday, April 06, 2014

Italian Bakery, Ahmedabad

Italian Bakery,

I'd read about this historic bakery in some article, so it had been on my wishlist for awhile. We finally visited the bakery when we were sightseeing around the intricate Rani Sipri Masjid. The bakery is right next door (before Astodia Darwaja) and is a good place to get out of the heat and grab a bite or something cool to drink.

We had something cold to drink and packed an assortment of biscuits (2 of each) to enjoy at home later.

The shop had savoury items - puffs and an assortment of other snacks and cream rolls too.

On tasting the biscuits at home, I can see why they have a devoted fan following, it reminded me of the biscuits from my own neighbourhood bakery when I was growing up. They have the whole gamut - the yellow ones with the red tutti frutti in the centre, chcocolate creams, orange creams. All those colorful biscuits with familiar flavours whose recipes havent changed an iota over the decades. Our favourite was the pista / dry fruit biscuit which was the best of the lot.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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