Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Raj Pavilion - ITC Windsor, Bangalore

The Raj Pavilion - ITC Windsor,
25 Windsor Square,
Golf Course Road,
Near Sankey Road
080 22269898

The Sunday Brunch at The Raj Pavilion is expensive, the venue is lovely (whether indoors or outdoors - poolside) the range is HUGE, some dishes are really yum but some are ho-hum. We were here with our sisters and they really enjoyed the buffet trying out a lot of stuff for the first time including freshly shucked oysters.

The spread is really really vast. We were surprised that there were no desserts around and thought that they would bring out a dessert trolley at the end. It was only later that we realised that there was a humongous dessert spread hidden behind the main restaurant area. (40+ varieties)

My recommendation : focus on the seafood, the live stations, the fresh grills were the best, the biryani, the chaat, anything new that you want to try and the desserts.

Avoid the roasts and anything that looks like its been sitting there awhile, it tends to dry out (the roasts were dry inspite of us being among the first group to occupy a table for brunch - they looked good, but were dry when tasted). The khao suey was a waste of tummy space and an insult to our tastebuds.

Do note that there is a separate price for alcoholic and non alcoholic buffets, they offer you champagne and if you ask if its a part of the buffet, they will say yes. One of my sisters doesn't drink alcohol, but we got her a glass because she wanted to pose with it for an fb pic, the husband was off alcohol that day and my sister and me barely had a glass each (as the Jacob's Creek Chardonnay was too dry for our taste and the champagne wasn't very great either). They charged us for 4 champagne brunches and reversed one when I pointed out that there were only 3 glasses on the table. The price difference is very significant, (about 900 per person), so be aware.

I have always been happy with their a la carte though. From the 2am cold coffee cravings to post 3pm lunches and all day breakfast platters, we have been happy with the quality and price. They have an outstanding dessert (I forget the name), its the same price as the rest of their desserts, but this one is a melange of fruits and ice cream and can feed 4+ people (the others are single or maximum double serve)

Rating : 3.5 / 5

Rs. 750 +TAX Non Veg - Breakfast (Sun - Sat)
Rs. 1050 +TAX Non Veg - Lunch (Mon - Fri)
Rs. 1350 +TAX Non Veg - Dinner (Sun - Fri)
Rs. 1950 +TAX Non Veg - Lunch (Sat)
Rs. 1950 +TAX Non Veg - Dinner (Sat)
Rs. 450 +TAX Lunch for Kids
Rs. 450 +TAX Dinner for Kids

Sunday Brunch
12:30 pm to 03:30 pm on Sundays
Rs. 1950 +TAX (Without alcohol)
Rs. 2350 +TAX (Includes unlimited sparkling wine)
Rs. 2750 +TAX (Includes unlimited champagne)
Rs. 1050 +TAX (Kids (5 - 12 years))

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