Saturday, April 26, 2014

Desserted, Bangalore

42, 8th Main Road,
Next To Mount Carmel Management Institute,
Near Cunningham Road,
+91 9611733066

My sis took me to Desserted for a late breakfast because they served waffles. It was only when we went there and took a look at the menu, that we realised that it was vegetarian. (In my book, eggs are vegetarian.)

We did however have a pretty decent breakfast from their All Day Breakfast section. Pancake Stack (120/-) was a set of 4 pancakes served with whipped cream, a berry preserve and maple syrup. The waffles (120/-) were very good too.

Muesli with cold milk and fruit (110/-) was one of the healthiest breakfasts that I have seen being offered in a stand alone Cafe. The mushroom quiche (60/-) wasn't bad either.

They serve a range of hot coffees (30/- - 90/-). My sister quite enjoyed her latte. The cold coffees (80/-, 100/-, 110/-) were also yummy. You also have the option of teas, milkshakes or smoothies as well as a few fresh seasonal fruit juices.

The desserts were very good. They have a large bakery display section, so its best to go in there and pick and choose.

Desserted is one of the houses converted into an eatery, so you can wander about the little maze of seating, cooking, bakery and dining options. Its quite cosy, including the garden outside. The people who own the place are really sweet and they told me that they would soon start to offer non-veg items too.

We did love the food, but I had to head to Imperial after this for chicken kebabs. :) When I travel out of Ahmedabad, I expect to have meat at every meal, I'm so starved for good non vegetarian options in this city! :)

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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