Sunday, April 27, 2014

Red Fork - Contemporary Cafe, Bangalore

Red Fork - Contemporary Cafe
594, 12th Main,
HAL 2nd Stage,
080 41154372 / 76, +91 9844011237


We fell in love with The Red Fork almost as soon as we entered and the arrival of food on our table just reinforced that love.

The Red Fork is another of those lovely eateries in Bangalore that has sprouted inside a house, so it lends a lot of character to the layout and the seating space.

The menu is written on blackboards on the walls and keeps changing. But I hope the ham and egger (250/-) remains on their menu for ever, it is so yum. Its a beautifully crisped up burger bun (soft on the inside) stuffed with ham, bacon, rocket leaves and scrambled eggs. All of my favourite things in a single burger, can life get any better than that?

We had headed here for brunch, so we ordered a variety of things to eat from their 9am - 3pm breakfast menu. The chilli scrambled eggs on sourdough (150/-) came so beautifully plated that we were feeling bad to disturb it in any way.

The margarita omelette (180/-) was a great play on the margarita pizza. All the normal toppings, were incorporated into the omelette and serves with hot bread.

The sister was happiest with her chocolate waffles (200/-) and it was the dish that was most dug into at the table.

As each dish came to the table we were torn as to which dish was better than the other. The sister also managed to get herself some scrambled eggs and toast. The little baby frying pans that the scrambled eggs came in was just too cute.

Service is on the slower side and dishes don't come to the table all at the same time, but believe me, the wait is most definitely worth it and it gives you a valid excuse to steal more mouthfuls from the plates that do arrive :)

Their menu keeps changing, so you may not get the items described above when you visit, but given the superior quality of their food, I don't think you can go wrong.

The coffees and teas that we ordered were lovely. They have a display outside with their fresh cakes, cheesecakes and pastries on display. We tried a cheesecake and it was so yummy that I couldn't wait to take a picture before digging in.

The Red Fork is definitely a firm favourite.

Rating : 5 / 5

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