Sunday, April 27, 2014

Daddy's Deli, Bangalore

Daddy's Deli,
594, 12th Main,
HAL 2nd Stage,
080 41154372 / 76, +91 9844011237

We ate breakfast at the Red Fork, but inspite of an excellent brunch, when I realised that Daddy's Deli was an attached restaurant, I just HAD TO look at that menu too.

There was so much exciting stuff on that menu, since Daddy's Deli serves homestyle Parsi food, some of the items you won't even find on the menus of the best Parsi eateries of Bombay.

The great thing is that they serve half plates too, so you can sample much much more than you normally would be able to. Kolmi na Kavab (Prawn kababs), macchi na cutlet (fish cutlets), pork vindaloo, Khichri sas (fish or prawns cooked in a sweet and sour white sauce sith yellow rice), narial na doodh ma papeta ne sekta ni sing (potatoes and drumsticks cooked in a coconut curry).

When I saw brain cutlets (275/-) on the menu, there was no way I could leave without trying them. Its been ages since I've eaten brain cutlets (they are too fiddly to make at home). So inspite of having paid the bill for a 12noon brunch and an impending 1pm invitation to someones house for lunch, I just had to order the cutlets, and I'm truly glad that I did.

They were sheer perfection, lightly mixed with onions and green chillies, their crispness was a perfect foil to the soft creaminess of the brain.

Its going to be really tough for me to decide between the menus of Daddys Deli and Red Fork, the next time I'm in Bangalore.

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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