Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cafe Transtaafl, Ahmedabad

Cafe Trasntaafl
IIMA Old Campus

Cafe Transtaafl is one in a row of eateries at the IIMA old campus. Transtaafl stands for "TheRe Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch", but at their prices, the food practically feels free.

Sample this : 2 boiled eggs for 15/-. Tell me which laari in town can give you this rate? Grilled chicken cheese sandwich - 3 slices - bursting with chicken for 60/-, double egg bhurji or omelet for 30/-.

And the taste is wonderful. The chicken frankie for 40/- is one of the best frankies I have had in Ahmedabad. I was also told that their tea (8/-) is excellent.

The only sad part is that you need jugaad to eat here, the security guards at the gate don't take kindly to visitors saying "Cafe Transtaafl" in response to "kidhar jaana hain?"

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