Monday, April 07, 2014

Sundew, Hotel Ramada - Ahmedabad

Sundew - Hotel Ramada
Opposite Prahlad Nagar Garden,
Off S G Highway,
Prahlad Nagar
079 40250000, 079 40250100

Whenever we have landed at Sundew, it has been too late to try their buffet (story of our weekends, when we don't seem to get out of the house before 3pm), so we have had to try food off the ala carte menu. Their buffets come quite well recommended, so some day we shall attempt to get there in time.

The upside to arriving late is that we have the cafe pretty much to ourselves and the husband can request the staff to change the TV channel to whichever match he wants to watch. Its a pretty small cafe, so in a way its good to avoid the crowd.

Their all day a la carte menu is extremely sparse, especially for a non vegetarian - you can either have a pizza, asandwich or a salad with a little meat in it, but no real meat dish as such. The closest we could get were the chicken lollipops (8 pieces for 325/-) and the fish and chips (325/-) both incidentally are very good and their chips are excellent.

The mushroom risotto (175/-), was nice and creamy and flavourful. However after a while it does get a bit repetitive in your mouth (given the huge size of the serving) The sauce that comes with the chicken lollipops is excellent to liven it up a bit in the second half. A friend who had ordered this before had recommended it for the lovely cheese sprinkled on top. Unfortunately, my risotto came minus the cheese. My husband convinced me that there was enough cheese in the sauce itself, so I didn't ask for any more at this point. But it does speak against their consistency.

The Chicken Arabiatta (245/-) has a grilled piece of chicken on a bed of pasta in white creamy sauce. Pretty standard fare, nothing stand out.

The lamb tikki sandwich is quite average (195/-) - the lamb is so finely minced, you could as well be eating soya flakes tikkis. The omelette sandwich (195/-) is a much better option.

The fancifully named Chocolate Mud Pie (140/-) is just a chocolate truffle cake slice with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

For a fresh drink they have the options of lassis (120/-) and fresh lime (90/-) which are quite par for the course.

As far as I understand, the Sankalp group has some kind of buy in / tie up with the Ramada in Ahmedabad - could this be the reason for the limited non veg items on the menu?

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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