Monday, April 14, 2014

Coorg, Bangalore

477, Krishna Temple Road,
1st Stage,
+91 9845493688

Coorg, operates only on the weekends on the terrace of the owners house and only offers a buffet. (Lunch Sat-Sun & Dinner Fri-Sun). But, you can't ask for anything more than the buffet itself which is loaded with goodies from Coorg.

At 450/- per head, its a real steal. 2 types of pork are definitely in the buffet - one dry and one curry and the Chilli pork (Chilkana Pandi?) and the Coorgi pandi curry were to die for. I could just keep eating this chilli pork and not even bother with anything else on the buffet, other than the coconut custard. But believe me everything is worth at least tasting.

Along with the 2 pork dishes there was a chicken coconut milk curry. Noolputtu (Idiappams/string hoppers) were served on the side and hot akki rottis (chapatis made from rice flour) at the table. There was also a lovely pulao to go with all the side dishes.

The wild mushroom curry served on the day we were there, was brilliant as was the brinjal side dish. The pickles too were absolutely amazing. I would rarely mention the accompaniments like pickles and chutneys at a buffet, unless they were really memorable and these both were memorable.

Hot akki rottis served at your table, lovely low lighting and the company of friends, this is the Bangalore of our memories and dreams. Coorg is a place, where we could ignore the chaos and the traffic outside and transport ourselves 15 years back to the Bangalore that was an idyllic paradise.

In the midst of all this relaxing and bingeing, definitely remember to leave space for dessert. Their coconut custard is mind blowingly tasty. The only thing close to it that I have tasted is the Kerala dish - tender coconut payasam. The caramel custard is great too, but its the coconut custard that grabs all the attention.

Drinks are not a part of their buffet, but they do offer an excellent home made passion fruit juice or buttermilk for 60/- a glass. Coorg does not have an alcohol license, so while you can hire the place out for the afternoon or night (with prior notice), you cannot bring your own alcohol here. Priya, the owner is extremely sweet and accommodating and is the hand behind the homely touches of Coorg.

Rating : 4.5 / 5

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