Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dasaprakash, Ahmedabad

Maruti Crystal
Opp Rajpath Club
Ph: 2687 3333

I loved Dasaprakash, their food is much much more authentic than Sankalp. Sadly it has recently closed down. Hopefully its just temporary.

The chutneys are amazing, as is the sambhar. Whether you order idlis, vadas, dosas or meals, the food is finger licking good. The Mysore Masala Dosa (130/-) is authentic with the lovely red chutney inside. The Ghee Roast Masala (145/-) is absolutely sinfully doused in ghee. They offer something called a Masala Guliyappa (105/-) The closest equivalent I could think of is a goli bajje stuffed with potatoes. Interesting, but not enough of any strong taste - a stronger dose of masala would help.

We often order the South Indian appalam (40/-) A  side. Fruit juices are in the 75/- - 80/- range. I wouldn't advise them. Because while the juice itself is good, I think they reuse their knives without washing them properly, because on 2 occasions, I found my watermelon juice laced with a flavour of onions.

The only non-authentic part about Dasaprakash here in Ahmedabad is that everything is served with extra ghee or butter including the idlis *85/-). I once asked for a plain idli for dinner because I wanted to have something light and easily digestible. It came soaking in butter! The taste was obviously very good (butter makes everything better), but it definitely wasn't a light dinner.

Whatever you eat here, you should end with a South Indian filter coffee.

Rating : 4 / 5

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