Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Indulgence, Ahmedabad

26/27, Ground Floor,
Galaxy Bazaar,
Sunrise Park Lane,
+91 9925022225

The first time I visited Indulgence was on the day of the Times Food Awards - Feb 13 - The whole kitchen was busy preparing food to be served at the awards and only some sandwiches and coffee was available. I had that, found it interesting and left deciding to come back on a better date.

The sandwiches are made with white bread and served in interesting spiral shapes. I had the savoury and the sweet ones. Its better to have the savoury ones grilled and the sweet ones, fresh. The potato wedges on toast were also quite interesting. But do remember all portion sizes are small.

Indulgence then won the Best Dessert Award and I knew I had to go back.

On a subsequent visit with friends, we tried about 6-7 different desserts. They were reasonably tasty and decent to look at. It is the best dessert place (multiple option - if you want cupcakes, head straight to Buttercupp) in Ahmedabad, but if they opened in a city like Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore - they would be just one in a thousand bakeries - they wouldn't really stand out.

The Cheesecake was one of the better ones in town. The mousses were good as were the chocolate based tarts. But the chocolate cake was on the drier side.

Their cold coffee is nice and strong. They sell a lot of breads, biscuits and chocolates off the rack.

Rating : 3 / 5

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