Sunday, June 15, 2014

Blue Lagoon, London

Blue Lagoon,
284 Kensington High Street,
London W14 8NZ
020 76031231

We had just landed in London and this time, the office put us up at the Hilton Kensington, so we just checked in and dropped our bags and immediately headed out to explore the area and find a nice non-vegetarian restaurant for lunch.

While we saw a couple of interesting options, we passed them by, until we arrived in front of the Blue Lagoon. The exterior was so charming and they had fish and pork on the menu, so without any further debate we headed right in.

The interiors were lovely. The restaurant was quiet and cosy, with very soothing background instrumental music and flowing water from a zen fountain on the premises.

Since we had already eaten a lot of food on our flights to London, but it was dinner according to our body clocks on Indian time, we went for their lunch offer of 9.5 pounds for a meal. The meal option allowed us to choose 1 starter and 1 main course from a limited menu and coconut ice cream for dessert

We could choose from 5-6 starter/soup options and both the pork satay and the fish cakes that we ordered were good. Portions were on the smaller side, but perfect for one person, when looked at in conjunction with the main course.

For our main course, we had Pad Thai and green beef curry which were both excellent. The green curry came with rice on the side and both dishes were extremely filling.

The balance of flavours in all the dishes was perfect. After the rubbish Thai food that is served in Ahmedabad, it was such a pleasure to indulge in genuine, authentic Thai flavours.

Dessert was coconut ice cream which was good too.

They do have one or 2 vegetarian options in this list to choose from, but they also had a full vegetarian lunch menu for about 14 pounds that was much more varied.

There was just one manager and one wait staff on duty and there was us, a large family of 10 with kids and another couple. Yet, none of us ever had to do more than raise our heads to get service. It was extremely efficient, without being overbearing.

There was so much good stuff on the menu, that I had really hoped to return before the end of this trip to have a proper meal. Sadly, given my other commitments, I never ate a meal in this area again for the rest of my stay.

The restaurant while located on the main road, is slightly away from the main High Street Kensington area, so parking isn't a problem at all. You can park right in front of the restaurant.

The food was lovely and the prices were reasonable for the quality of food served. This is a restaurant I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending.

Rating : 4 / 5

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