Sunday, June 22, 2014

Simran Farm, Ahmedabad

Simran Farm
Opposite Hanuman Camp Gate No 3,
Cantonment Camp,
Sadar Bazar,
Airport Road
079 2286 6194 / 7073

11:30 - 23:30

From the time, we arrived in Ahmedabad, we had heard a lot of people raving about Simran for non-veg food, so we finally stopped here for a meal, the other day.

As soon as I entered, I almost burst out laughing and stopped to take a picture. Mum who was with me, asked me what the matter was, I told her to carry on upstairs and when I showed her the picture I had clicked, she too burst into laughter.

Keep silence? That too in a restaurant? Anyway, we controlled our mirth and shifted focus to the menu.

To start with, we ordered the chicken pahadi tikka (200/-), that was supposed to be the spiciest kebab on the menu. The quality of their meat is good, so our pahadi tikkas were juicy inside and lightly crisped up on the outside from the tandoor, but they were nowhere as spicy as promised on the menu - they tasted like regular chiken tikkas, without the red coloring

We wanted to order some mutton, but seeing gurda kaleji (145/-) and bheja tawa fry (125/-) on the menu, we knew we HAD to order those. The portion sizes were small and the taste was average. The bheja fry was quite forgettable. The Gurda kaleji at least was spicy and tangy, but the flavour of gurda wasn't there at all and the kaleji flavour was also very muted.

For main course, we asked the manager what he recommended and he said "chicken hungama" (250/-) which was boneless and really good. We teamed this up with some tawa rotis (8/- each) and roomali rotis (35/- each) I honestly prefer the tawa rotis, since they are made from wheat flour and not heavy at all. They paired beautifully with the masalas of the chicken and the gurda kaleji.

To end, we ordered a jera rice (90/-) that was ok. Nothing standout.

I have to admit, that the non-veg served at Simrans is the best in flavour, taste, hygeine and quality in its price range in Ahmedabad. It is miles ahead of Pleasure Trove or WOW Mughlai Handi in my book.

I might give this place another try and let the manager recommend what we eat, rather than choose ourselves. We might also try some seafood as we have been told, they serve really fresh fish and prawns. But I wouldn't drive all the way there again, just for a meal.

They have a cold storage downstairs where they sell fresh and frozen meats, some cold meats and eggs. Incidentally, they started as a small shop selling chicken and other meat products in 1994 and added a tawa restaurant only in 1999. Now they have expanded to another outlet in Khanpur too.

Downstairs the entry looks a little untidy, but trust me the air conditioned sit down restaurant upstairs is quite decent.

As an aside: their website has good content, but I have no idea why they have used some "borrowed" pictures on their header with paella, bruschetta and an antipasto platter - none of which they serve at the restaurant.

Rating : 3.5 / 5
VFM : Very High

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