Monday, June 23, 2014

Faaso's, Ahmedabad

G 42, Shree Mahalaxmi Shops,
Rudra Square,
Next to Rasranjan,

+91 9099990299, +91 9099990300

After Asia Kitchen, Shakti Sandwich and RollaCosta, this is the next eatery that I have seen in Ahmedabad with a black & white mural on their wall.

Faaso's has opened in Ahmedabad, after tasting success in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. Sadly, they have only brought in a limited menu to Ahmedabad. They only offer chicken, egg and veg options here. No sign of the mutton, prawns and fish stuffings.

The location at Bodakdev, has a couple of tables to eat-in and I loved their yellow and purple interiors. However, on this visit, I just wanted a takeaway.

I ordered 4 different non-veg rolls today, so the person at the counter recommended that I try their offer of 4 rolls + 2 chocolate fantasy + 2 swigs for 399/- which made sense. I ordered a chicken seekh with egg, a fiery chicken tikka, chicken bhuna and BBQ chicken for takeaway. I asked for all the rolls to be made with wheat multigrain rather than maida. While I would have loved to try their laccha parathas, we try and avoid refined flour/maida for dinner. We were charged 10Rs extra per roll for eating healthy, but I don't mind. Another 10 Rs extra for the egg in the chicken seekh kebab roll. (all these charges were clearly mentioned on their menu)

The order was served very fast given my other 2 experiences today at two & a bud and W xyz at Aloft.

However, it was only after arriving home and finding that my chicken tikka wasn't very fiery, I realised they had given me a masala chicken tikka instead of a fiery chicken tikka. It was ok, but much weaker than the other 2 rolls I tasted. I enjoyed the bhuna chicken the most as it felt like it had more complex flavours and the BBQ chicken was unusual with its sweetish sauce.

I haven't yet tried the Swig (Faaso's inhouse drinks - currently only available in jaljeera flavour), but the chocolate fantasy was a huge disappointment, instead of a lava cake with a cake exterior and a melting center (as pictured in the menu and ads), what I got was a pudding - uniform wettish chocolate pudding - neither cake, nor melting.

Faaso's can't be making these kinds of mistakes just because this is Ahmedabad. They need to maintain the same standards as they do in other cities, especially since they have had ample time to get over teething problems in this city.

They have really tiny takeaway bags, so my order needed 2 bags and I was charged 4Rs for the bags - this is the first restaurant that I have seen anywhere in India charging for the plastic bags (I've been charged for containers - but after being informed) and there was no prior intimation of the same either. The amount is too insignificant to care, but I don't like being charged without being notified what I'm being charged for before billing, especially if it is a unique charge like this.

Flavourwise I still prefer Tibbs, but I'll try Faaso's again with a maida laccha paratha and egg and stuffing to do a more balanced comparison.

Rating : 3 / 5

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