Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coffee Connection, Ahmedabad

Coffee Connection
A 104, - First Floor - Shivalik Plaza,
Opposite AMA,
IIM Road,
079 30631515

When we walked into Coffee Connection, we were greeted by really nice warm interiors (more relaxing and welcoming than CCD) and lovely English music, so I had high hopes. I loved their decals on the wall of the different coffee cups and the seating was quite comfortable.

They have a really extensive drinks menu and an even longer snacks menu. Since we had, enjoyed a filling lunch at Simran's Farm and had then walked a couple of hours at the Sardar Vallabhai Patel National Museum in the heat, we just wanted something chilled to drink.

Between the 3 of us we ordered a mango shake, cinnamon frappe, amaretto frappe and a choco chip waffle.

The Mango shake (136/-) was good, the amaretto frappe (136/-) was lovely and I would recommend it. The cinnamon frappe (136/-) however, was more the "Big Red" chewing gum flavour of cinnamon than the kind of cinnamon flavour that I like in my coffee - fail :(

The waffle was supposed to be chocolate flavoured batter with chocolate ice cream (as described in menu) - what turned up was a regular waffle, topped with chocolate sauce, sprinkled with chocolate chips and vanilla ice cream. The waffle tasted like biscuit rather than waffle (not light and airy enough) But neither of those, was the biggest disappointment. the credit for that, goes to the quarter sized waffle that was served, hence making the ice cream portion, way larger than the waffle proportion. For 157/- + tax in Ahmedabad, I think the waffle portion was too measly.

Service was weird. The mango shake appeared 5-7 minutes after the order, the amaretto frappe came another 5 minutes later, the cinnamon frappe came a further 7 minutes later and the waffle came after another 10 minutes. Hence there was only 1 drink at a time on the table, between the 3 of us, as each drink was finished long before the next one arrived. (2 other tables were occupied when we entered, 1 couple finished and left before we placed our order, the other group did not order or receive anything as long as we were on the premises, they were just relaxing - so its not a case of too many orders to deal with and we saw at least 5 staff walking around, in and out of the kitchen)

Taste was average, interiors are nice, some of the food is good, but service is weird.

Rating : 3 / 5

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