Friday, June 13, 2014

Shakti - The Sandwich Shop, Ahmedabad

Shakti - The Sandwich Shop
G 35, Riviera Arcade,
Near AUDA Garden,
Prahlad Nagar,
+91 7878059138

The day people knew we were moving to Ahmedabad, the most common foodie advice we got was - "you have to eat the pineapple sandwich at Shakti sandwich"

Well, I've not yet been to ratanpol, but with Shakti opening a branch at Prahladnagar, there was no longer an excuse to not try them out.

The decor has a lovely Black and White Mural on the wall and seating is a few simple chairs and tables, their air conditioning does work rather well.

The menu is a carb and cheese laden delight / disaster , depending on your relationship to these 2 items in your diet

I tried the paneer schezwan sandwich (140/-) which was a spicy cheesy hot mess in my mouth. Taste was good, even tho I don't know how the Chinese would react to oregano in a schezwan sauce. I can see the appeal and why they have such a fanatical following, but I'm sorry, it's just too cheesy for me, neither my tastebuds or my stomach can handle that much cheese. I had to stop at half a sandwich even though it was the first thing I was eating for the day. Husband felt the same way, half way through eating the chilly corn sandwich (160/-)

The cheese chutney sandwich (60/-) was marginally better and the pineapple sandwich (100/-) with its layers of butter, pineapple jam, pineapple chinks was more pineapple pastry with amul butter than sandwich.

As I said, I see the appeal, but it's definitely not for me

The staff was very nice and the overall experience was good. It is just a matter of personal taste, that we don't like too much cheese in our food.

And yes, now that I know - what a normal sandwich at Shakti is like - I know that next time I visit (if I do), I will definitely request for less cheese, the same way as I request for more chilli or less salt in certain restaurants.

Rating : 3 / 5

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