Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Juice Lounge & Rollacosta, Ahmedabad

Juice Lounge & Rollacosta
12, First Floor,
Camps Corner 2, (above Raisin & Chocolate Room)
Opposite Prahlad Nagar Garden,
Prahlad Nagar,

+91 7878017629
079 30000900

Stopped here for just a quick break today as I've been wanting to try it out for awhile. I loved the interiors. The framed food quotes with puns were funny. The black and white muralled wall seems to be gaining favour among eateries here.(also seen at the new Shakti Sandwich in Prahladnagar)

We had a sweet lime juice (90/-) which was nice and fresh. I had a Lean Body Shake (140/-) with apple, pineapple and watermelon with a fat burner blend, that was surprisingly a good combination. How good the fat burner blend combination is, we will have to see on tomorrow mornings weigh in :)

They had spiced carrot cake (195/-) on special today and we had a slice of that with a side of vanilla ice cream. It was very good. Homemade style, nothing elaborate, slightly dry, more of a brownie-ish construction, but it was still very tasty.

Juice lounge and RollaCosta offers a range of milkshakes, smoothies, soups, starters, shawarmas, rolls, pastas, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, pav bhaji and some Indian mains. They are a pure vegetarian eatery.

Prices seem to be on the higher side for juices in this area. But then its the only place that has a high hygiene factor and air conditioned interiors.

They have a little shelf with a surprisingly good collection of books to browse through.

Definitely don't miss the chocolates that come at the end with the bill, they are really yum, with a lovely surprise center.

Added on 5 Aug 2014 :
Tried the Shawarmas from Rollacosta Prahladnagar on Saturday. Only ordered from here (veg restaurant) because there were very few options for home delivery post 3pm.

A lot of the food (Indian / Tandoori / meals) weren't available. The person on the phone very sweetly and apologetically explained that they only served the rolls and snacks after 3pm until dinner time. So a lot of the dishes I had hoped to order, were off the menu.

I have to confess the paneer xcelerator shawarma(140/-) was AWESOME. I'm rarely so enthusiastic about veg versions of what are essentially non-veg dishes, but this one was totally worth it. Brilliant hummus, just a little more on the liquidy side than normal, but worked brilliantly with the paneer and pita. What lovely pita bread. It was perfect. I would give this shawarma a 5/5 rating.

The corn chilli cheese express rolla (160/-) was also very good. Loved the spinach in it and it was not overly cheesy (a la Shakti Sandwich / Honest types).

The Mexican Salad (140/-) was missing the promised Tortillas, but it was light, fresh, healthy (lemon / vinegar dressing)  and spicy. We loved it.

The gobhi & Aloo Parathas (80/-) each were large sized, but had a lot more space that could have been used for stuffing :) It came with raita and pickles. since dhal and sabji weren't available after 3pm, I just made some dhal at home and it was tasty, but lacking a bit on the stuffing side.

Loved the roll and shawarma, so will definitely be ordering home delivery from here more often. I only hope that they will send some of their complimentary chocolates home with home home delivery orders too. Upgrading their rating from 3.5 to 4 / 5

Upgraded Rating : 4/ 5

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