Sunday, January 26, 2014

WoW Mughlai Handi and BBQ Grill, Ahmedabad

WoW Mughlai Handi and BBQ Grill
1st Floor, (actually 2nd floor if you take the lift)
Rangoli Complex,
Opposite V S Hospital,
Ashram Road
Ellis Bridge,

079 - 2657 5808, 2658 1059

I was in the Ellis Bridge area today and looking at the zomato reviews and ranking, we first tried to visit the Khana Khazana at Inder Residency. The staff there told us that the only restaurant they had, was a 24 hour coffee shop called 24 Carat, which didn't look in the least bit interesting, so we headed over to our second choice - WoW Mughlai Handi and BBQ Grill.

When we reached the building, the approach quite deterred us. Shabby old building, dirty staircases, exposed wires, bathroom smells, lift not working properly etc (sound familiar? Our first impression at the entry to Jaliyan was pretty similar, but the state of affairs at WOW was much, much worse) The stairs were so dirty and smelly, we could not even consider using them, even though the lift doors tok more than 10 attempts to close properly. (We were later told by friends to use the stairs outside and that even though it was 2 flights of stairs, they were very well done up and you can avoid this unpleasant welcome)

When we finally arrived at the restaurant itself, the decor threw us off for a moment - a jumble of elements. A giant pizza slice and half a bumper of a car formed the base of one table, mix of typical Indian Chinese restaurant tables and these modernistic, over the top decor in parts etc - but because of the reviews and ranking, we sat down to give it a try. They said the tandoori and grill items and the open air terrace were only available at night. I must mention that the open air section on the terrace looked lovely.

We tried some Chinese, Biryani and a sizzler. All of them were pretty decent. The Crispy chicken (225/-) wasn't crispy, but it tasted quite nice - some kind of cross between a dry manchurian and chicken salt and pepper. My dining companion liked the buttermilk (30/-) but did not appreciate the crushed ice mixed into it, in this chilly weather.

Since the tandoori items weren't available, I asked for a biriyani - the least oily + most spicy of the lot. The chicken dum biryani (185/-) was recommended and it was actually quite good. One of the much better biriyanis that I have had in Ahmedabad. (they wouldn't even be in the top 20 in Mumbai though) The accompanying raita was also good.

My companion, ordered a WoW special sizzler. It was absolutely humongous and included a whole portion of prawn fried rice and a dish each of chicken, fish and rather large prawns (in 3 different Chinese style sauces), some flat noodles, grilled veggies and a 2 egg omlette - all for the princely sum of 345/-

The reviews on zomato - rave about the tandoori, but given the approach and location, I don't think I can brave it again.

Service however was extremely good and the staff was extremely attentive and helpful, but unlike Jaliyan, I don't think the food is worth the unpleasant experience at entry. If WoW was located in a slightly cleaner and hygenic area, I would definitely give it another try.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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