Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cellad Eatery, Ahmedabad

Cellad Eatery,
Gulmohar Park Mall,

079 33901313, +91 997440585

The first thing that strikes you when you enter Cellad Eaery is the stark white all around you. This is what they have chosen as their USP, so that all the colour is visible in the food.

Cellad has a very limited menu and it practically forces you to choose the buffet. However, the buffet does offer a huge spread for 350/- (on weekdays, on weekends its 400/-)

At the Gulmohur Park branch, it is worth it to arrive early to get your food fresher, since they do not have a large turnover and if you arrive after 2:30 pm, the salads would have been sitting there for a couple of hours and lose their crispness and freshness.

The taste is pretty decent and you can choose what you would like to eat, avoiding the cheese and mayonnaise items if you want a healthier meal. If you want just 1 item from the buffet, it will cost 130+, so choosing the buffet does make sense.

The buffet typically offers 2 different types of soup, 2 fresh starters served at the table which could range from pizzas to grilled sandwiches or garlic toast. Around 8 - 10 different salads, a pasta dish, something baked (mousakka, baked handvo etc), a dhal, vegetarian curry and some Indian breads. There's also normally a choice of 2 desserts, one slightly more indulgent and the other based on fresh fruits.

They offer chaas and fresh lime soda  and coffee a la carte. In season, they even serve Matla nu Undhiyu for 370/-. I've had Undhiyu that a friend once ordered from the original Cellad location which was very good quality. But the undhiyu we had at the Gulmohur Park location last weekend was extremely average quality.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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