Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jai Bhavani Vadapav, Ahmedabad

Jai Bhavani Vadapav,
Sahajanand Complex,
100 Feet Road,

+91 942675525

I normally pick up Dabeli (for visiting friends and family who want to try this Gujarati street food delicacy) from the Shambhus that is around the corner from our house. But, recently a local friend recommended that I try the dabeli from Jai Bhavani Vadapav.

(Dabeli is a street food snack - kind of a cross between vadapav and pav bhaji with groundnuts - its a semi firm veggie mixture of peas, potatoes, groundnuts and spices, stuffed into a pav bun with chutney - add-on options include butter and cheese depending on where you choose to eat your dabeli at)

Since this outlet of Jai Bhavani was the closest (amongst its chain locations around the city), I headed here before returning home and picked up a variety of dabelis and vadapavs. They were all equally delicious, the butter versions were rich and dare I say it? "unhealthy, but yummy"

The normal (oil) dabeli costs 20, the butter version 27 and the cheese one is 45. Chatni pav (vada pav without the vada - so its almost a sandwich) was 20 as was the oil vadapav. Butter vadapav was 27 and cheese was 45.

The oil versions themselves are quite rich, fortunately they don't overdo the cheese to the point of making one sick. All items are available in Jain versions too.

There isn't any indoor seating at this location. There are a few plastic stools scattered outside on the footpath, for those who want to sit down and eat their snacks straight off the tava.

There's a chaat guy outside who makes some pretty decent pani puri (slightly above Ahmedabad's average) I also picked up some sada khaman and masala haman that were light and very homestyle in flavour and taste.

They also have sandwiches on offer, which I might try next time. Other options include maggi, pav bhaji, pulavs, pizza, hot dogs

Proof of the pudding - for future guests, who want to try dabeli? I'll be taking them to Jai Bhavani

Rating : 4 / 5

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piyush vala said...

Its too Delicious

vadapav, is a popular spicy vegetarian fast food dish native to the Indian state of Maharashtra. It consists of a batata vada sandwiched between two slices of a pav.


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