Monday, January 27, 2014

Cafe Formula By Tamura, Ahmedabad

Cafe Formula By Tamura
F 1, B Wing,
Acropolis Mall,
S G Highway,
+91 8238831390, +91 9818197782

Tamura in Ahmedabad is a very basic eating joint. It has 4 tables in a small seating area which also encompasses the cashiers desk and a small kitchen behind. This doesn't mean that its shady. Its in the same building as Souq Bistro and Grills, it has air conditioning, but it is a small place. However, don't expect the size and variety of their New Delhi outlets.

Even though, it is a small place, do be warned that the prices are much more than it would seem like for Gujarat. Most dishes were in the 500+ range.

However, a lot of dishes come with accompaniments - miso soup, salad bowl, rice, fruit etc and it forms a complete meal.

Given that this is the only place in Ahmedabad that serves authentic Japanese food and that they have to fly in most of their ingredients, I think the price is justified, but there may be others who disagree.

The taste of everything that we tried was good, however the dishes were not too spicy. If you prefer a spicier hit (like my dad), then they do serve some Japanese spices on the side. Tamura is the first place serving proper pork dishes in the city (not a cop out of just bacon or ham or sausages or pepperoni, but hard core pork meat).

My ginger pork (680/-) was beautifully flavoured - thin slices of pork almost fatless, served on a bed of cabbage. Mum ordered the Pork cutlet with Curry on rice (500/-) which turned out to be a potato curry and dad had the cuttlefish - 660/- (which he said was slightly overcooked and hence tough)

The meal takes a bit of time to arrive to the table as it doesn't seem to have too many customers. My guess is that they have opened to serve the Japanese tourists and businessmen visiting the city. The food however is quite authentic.

We are an omnivorous family, so we quite enjoyed - the rarely available in Ahmedabad - Pork & Cuttle Fish. But, Tamura does offer chicken and vegetarian options too.

Personally, I think Kai Asia offers much better quality and variety and better rates. Only problem is that I have to drive all the way to Baroda to eat there.

Tamura offers complimentary wheat tea throughout the meal. It's not like normal Chinese teas, it tastes somewhat like what we call konji, the water in which nutritious rice is boiled.

They do not offer sushi, so don't expect that when you visit, just because it is a Japanese Restaurant.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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