Sunday, January 05, 2014

Knife & Fork , Ahmedabad

Knife & Fork ,
3, Rivera Arcade,
Near Union Bank,
Opposite HDFC Bank,
Prahlad Nagar
079 65405555, +91 8866671555

We decided to try Knife and Fork for Sunday Night home delivery as a change from Punjab King.

I ordered the Hugwani Tangdi and Purdah Biryani based on the descriptions provided and also the K&F Special chicken curry, Chusta Kebab, rotis and naan.

Our total bill came up to around 1200/- definitely higher than Punjab King (our base standard for price / quality of North Indian Food Home delivered in this area), but was it worth it?

The Hugwani Tangdi was good (chicken leg stuffed with chicken mince and baked in a tandoor), but Upper Crust's Chicken Shikhari Tangdi was juicier and tastier (same concept) However Upper Crust charges 240 for 3 pieces and Knife & Fork charges 121 for 2 tangdis. Taste wise, Upper Crust worked better for us. Pricewise, K & F is more reasonable.

The chusta kebab was chicken tikka wrapped in chicken sheekh kebab and further in a mutton sheekh kebab. The concept sounded great, but the execution was average. The chicken and mutton sheekh mince paste taste and texture was more pasty than a sheekh kebab should be and the outside was blackened a little more than we like. the overall flavour was good enough, It costs 511, but maybe because you are actually getting 3 plates of kebabs in one dish?

The K&F special chicken curry came with one huge chunk of chicken, which promptly went into the fridge as leftovers, because with all the other meat we had ordered, this large chunk looked just a little too much to bother with. There was a lot of curry and although it did taste like jazzed up butter chicken, it was still quite tasty.

The tandoori rotis were nice and soft when they came, unlike other delivery places where the rotis turn hard before they reach home. The butter naan had a lot of butter in it.

I had extremely high expectations from the Purdah Biryani given Vijayendras description on Zomato. But what finally arrived was chicken biryani with an omlette placed on on top. I'm not sure if this is what we received because it was a home delivery or whether this is how they serve it, but I was expecting eggs to be cooked on top of the rice.

The food wasn't bad, but it wasn't overwhelmingly great either, it was good enough, but Punjab King still gives us better tasting kebabs at a lower price.

We will try them again for their Chinese and then decide and maybe also try eating at the location to see if anything changes.

As I'd mentioned above,  I promised myself that I would try out their Chinese before dismissing Knife and Fork.

I'm glad I tried their Chinese, it was much better than their Indian. The soups (lemon coriander and hot & sour) were really good. The spring rolls, were really large rolls. Not bite sized pieces, but pieces that oozed stuffing (noodles, veggies and shredded chicken) when you bit into them, but the spring roll was worth the mess. Well balanced and tasty. I will defintiely visit their outlet, just to try this fresh. When it came in, in home delivery, it had come a little soggy, but the taste was very good.

The chicken hakka noodles and chicken schezwan fried rice were tasty, but a little too oily for my palate. The dragon chilli chicken was interesting.

Maybe this place, deserves an in-person visit.

Edited on 24 Jan 14 to Add:
Knife & Fork, called up all their customers a couple of days before Uttrayan (Jan 14th) to tell us that they were making a special chicken undhiyo for the festival. I ordered a kilo for around 400Rs. I was expecting something very different, but what arrived was something of a meatball curry. The gravy was very tasty, but the meatballs were a bit on the harder side.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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