Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Das New Surti Khaman House, Ahmedabad

Das New Surti Khaman House,
2, Trade Centre, Stadium Road,
079 65416472, +91 9898406576

Das New Surti Khaman House, was recommended by Rocky & Mayur in "Highway on My Plate", so it was obviously on my wishlist for awhile.

I finally headed here and ordered 1 plate - 200/250 gms of all the varieties that they had that day. Ate some there and packed some as takeaway.

I do believe that this place should be used purely as takeaway. It is too hot in that adjoining room to stand and eat khaman, half the taste is lost with the filth around, the heat, the barely rotating fan, the sweat pouring down and the dogs hovering around.

However the sev khaman is best eaten on the spot or maybe in your car (although I hate eating in the car, especially messy foods like sev)

The sev khaman though in my opinion, is their best dish and the next time I pack it up to bring it home, I will request them to pack the sev separately from the khaman and chutneys. (Or maybe he packed them together because I only ordered 1 plate for takeaway.

The tam tam khaman, dahi tam tam, green fry khaman and a black pepper khaman were interesting. the tam tam and the black pepper were the best of this lot of flavoured (fried khamans)

They did not seem to have an English menu at the premises, but now when I go back I will ask for the lilwa hottest kachori for sure, and also request that they pack the sev separate from the khaman

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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