Tuesday, August 30, 2016

British Airways Galleries Lounge / Oneworld Lounge, Munich, Germany

British Airways Galleries Lounge / Oneworld Lounge
Flughafen München
Terminal 1, Modul B
Ebene 05
Munich 85356

Phone number +49 421 5575758

Our flight was around 9:30pm (the last BA flight out of Munich). Bear with me, but this fact is important to this review.

After an extremely lengthy immigration and security process, we were able to get into the lounge by 8:30pm. We had left our hotel at 6:30 pm and in the middle of all the sightseeing we had not taken a break for lunch or dinner (just coffee & a sandwich on the go). So we were hungry & a bit on edge.

It was a bit of a maze to locate the lounge, but the staff at the desk were extremely welcoming and friendly.

The problem was when it came to the refreshments. The coffee machine was great & we had some wonderful coffee, there was a pretty decent alcohol selection, but we don't drink before & during flights. It was the food that was woefully inadequate.

There were a few crumbling sandwiches, some so called spicy chicken and a potato snack option. Both were cold, hard, dry and tasteless. There was one packet of crisps left, which I picked up and we ate that and a tiny pot of ice cream and sipped on our coffee. We watched them clear up all the tables at 8:40 and thought that they would bring out some fresh hot food. It was only at 9:00 that we realised that they were cleaning up in anticipation of closing down.

This was too late for us to even consider visiting another eatery in the airport. The problem was that by the time we reached London T5 and cleared immigration it was 10:30 and the only option at T5 on arrival is Costa which I definitely did not want. Too late to order delivery once we got home too. So we had to be content with instant noodles.

If you are hungry when you arrive at Munich airport (Budget at least one hour for the queues, even if you are a gold card holder or flying Business class), don't bother finding the lounge, but eat at one of the restaurants immediately after you are through.

If you just want a quiet place to sit down and sip on a drink, only then head to the BA lounge.

Rating : 2 / 5

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