Thursday, August 25, 2016

Flavours of India, London

Flavours of India
46 Gloucester Terrace
London W2 3HH
020 7402 1100

We came back from a long weekend away & I knew I didn't have much to cook with at home, nor did I have time to cook the elaborate Indian meal that he was craving. As a compromise (I don't like visiting Indian restaurants in London), he said that he had tried some Indian food at "Flavours of India" the last time I was away & it was quite tasty.

We headed here straight from the station with our 3 carry-on size suitcases and realised that we could not keep them next to us as the space is quite cramped (even though it's spread over 3 floors) However the owner found us some space near the waiting area where we could also keep an eye on it from our table & we were good. If you do take larger suitcases in though, I doubt by they would fit.

For starters we ordered the Hyderabadi chicken (3.95), we were surprised when it arrived with a bit of sauce, but it was the highlight of our evening. Heavily recommended if you like spicy food - it's like a chicken 65 in a yoghurt sauce.

The bhuna ghosht (slow roasted mutton - 8.95) and chicken patiala (onion tomato base curry - 8.95) went well with the naans & parathas & were spicy as promised. The lachcha parathas were made with pure wheat flour (3.25), which made me very happy. We also ordered a stuffed (onion, potato, paneer) naan (3.75) which was quite good.

Rounded it off with a chicken biryani (8.95) which is one of the better ones that I have had at a restaurant in London. It comes with its own raita, which was handy.

They have a selection of wines & beers served from a bar that looks like the front of a TATA truck. Service was reasonably fast, given the almost 100% occupancy. Food options range from mild to spicy and the owner & staff are happy to guide you towards combinations they think you would like. We overheard them at some other tables (given the tiny space, this is unavoidable) and they knew what they were talking about, so you can trust them.

They also have branches in Hounslow & West End.

I'm glad to have finally found a better than average Indian restaurant close to home. It's perfect for emergencies.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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