Monday, August 29, 2016

Ratchada, Munich, Germany

Schwanthalerstr. 8
Munich 80336

Phone number +49 89 4317859

I saw the amazing rating on yelp and I had to head here as my Indian palate was craving spicy complex flavours after a week of local food.

We walked here from the Hauptbahnhoff and the area seemed a bit dodgy, but in the pursuit of good food, I convinced the husband to persevere and we are very glad that we did.

The restaurant is in the basement, so its quite dark yet cool.

Given how tired I was after a long day of walking, the minute I was handed an English version of the menu, I pointed to the Thai Iced Coffee & when it arrived it was absolutely perfect!

The staff who served us only spoke German & Thai, so I had to refer to google translate to tell them about my prawn allergy. She kept referring me to the vegetarian section of the menu (perils of looking Indian) and through sign language and google translate, I tried to explain that I was allergic only to shrimp & prawns but I NEEDED meat.

I had the tom kha gai & he had the tom yum. Both of which were fantastic. I had also ordered vegetarian spring rolls as the meat ones had some shrimp in it. I wanted a non fried starter, so I order a stir fried pork, which turned out to be a bit more saucy than I expected but wonderfully tasty.

Husband wanted just a fried rice and I wanted a green curry rice, so we ordered both (sticky rice is automatically served as an accompaniment with curry). They were both so good, my taste buds were in heaven. The rice could be eaten on its own as a complete meal.

Once the food arrived, we realised that we had over ordered. Between the 2 of us, we should have just gone for 2 soups, the curry rice & the egg fried rice. There was no need for anything else. There was a lot of food leftover, but as we were staying in a hotel and had a checkout the next morning with baggage pick up in the evening, there was no point in packing the leftovers (which were a complete meal) I was kicking myself the next day for not packing the leftovers anyway

This Thai food holds its own against any food I have eaten even in Thailand. Heavily recommended.

Oh & on the way back we walked towards Karlsplatz and that was a way better approach. So if you have to walk the last bit, Id recommend walking from Karlsplatz rather than the Hauptbahnhoff.

Rating : 5 / 5

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