Friday, November 15, 2013

Asharfilal Kulfi, Ahmedabad

Asharfilal Kulfi
Food Court - Alpha One Mall,
+91 9825067480

I really love the kulfi at Asharfilal. I honestly would choose their kulfi over the other ice creams and gelatos on offer in the Alpha One Mall Food Court.

The kulfis come in 3 broad categories - matka/pot kulfi (in a little mud pot 38/- to 50/-), tilliwalli/stick kulfi (like an extended lollypop - 25/- to 30/-) and roll/slice kulfi (36/- to 46/-) which is circular pieces of kulfi around the size of an idli.

kulfi is made from cream and sugar and then flavoured with fresh fruits or dry fruits and nuts. I'm not a fruit person, but friends tell me that their mango kulfi is really good. I prefer the kesar pista, roasted almond, rose coconut, real kesar flavours.

The trick to enjoying kulfi is to let it melt a little before you put it in your mouth, so that you can taste the flavours and sense the creaminess, too cold and your tongue can't feel or taste anything, too melted and you might as well be drinking flavoured milk.

The most brilliant thing about asharfilal is that they offer sugar free versions (35/-) too, so my father in law and my dad were really happy to be able to enjoy kulfi again after so many years of watching their sugar.

They have plenty of branches across the city and the supply is the same, so yo get wonderful kulfi from every location.

Rating : 4 / 5

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