Saturday, November 23, 2013

Buttercupp, Ahmedabad

4, Advait Mall,
Sandesh Press Road,

079 30257202

Such a relief to find a good cupcake place in Ahmedabad.

I first picked up 6 cupcakes on a whim when passing by, thinking of taking them on our road trip the next day. As soon as I reached home, we lifted the lid and we finished all cupcakes in the next 10 minutes, while doing our best to savour each one of them. We had the Oreo, Double Chocolate, Strawberry and Lemon. We loved the chocolate ones the most, but that's no surprise. The strawberry centered ones were a nice surprise to bite into.

Buttercupp offers cupcakes in eggless variety too. They always have a couple of options with seasonal fruits either in the cake or in the icing. The apple cinnamon and lemon and Indian blackberry are lovely, but my personal favourites always revolve around chocolate.

They have a couple of tiny tables in shop if you just can't wait to gobble up your cupcake, but I prefer to bring my cupcakes home so I can slobber all over them :) and lick my fingers clean.

The cupcakes are 60/- each. The ingredients are all the best possible quality and it shows in the end product.

The owners are a US returned couple and their attention to detail and quality is amazing and the end result are some really yummilicious cupcakes.

Added on 19th July
Buttercupp has now expanded to include erstwhile momoman too, so the space has doubled. They have put up some lovely plants behind glass, so the greenery adds a very soothing touch to the ambiance.

They also keep adding some innovative products to their menu. Their cheese cake is supposed to be really good, but I haven't had the opportunity to try that yet.

When I visited on the 16th, they had just debuted their castle orange Bundt Cake. A slice (100gms) was
70/-. Its a nice light tea cake, ideal for those who have been complaining about too much butter in their icing and cupcakes playing havoc with their waistlines.

They also have some brownie cookies which are a steal at 10Rs each. They are just so light and tasty and melt in your mouth. Th e chocolate chip cookies (20/- each) are quite yummy too) and the current flavour of the season is plum, which we loved.

Rating : 5 / 5

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