Wednesday, November 20, 2013

VarieTea, Ahmedabad

A 2, Aashna,
Behind Shell Petrol Pump,
Prahlad Nagar
+91 9099912565

Absolutely loved the place. Although I think, when we walked in, my husband and me were double the average age of the other customers - it seems like a college hangout joint. Yet, we loved the place and will definitely go back.

VarieTea has a table outdoors for those who would like a cigarette with their chai, The ground floor has a couple of tables, but its mostly for selling a ton of tea realted stuff - kettles, tea bags etc. However, they recommended that we go downstairs. The basement is a large open sprawling place, with sofa seating and low chairs. There is even a Japanese style floor seating in one corner. the basement can easily fit about 75 people. They even have a private room, for a small party / get together with a tv in it. Ideal for watching a cricket / football match with friends.

VarieTea has a really large selection of teas, from Ice teas to herbal teas to milk teas, stick teas, the works. Its the first genuine Chai bar that I have been to in Ahmedabad.

I had the kacchi keri ice tea which was excellent. It came in a really large glass - I suspect about 750ml (120/-) - It was just the right balance of sweet, sour and a hint of salt. Perfect for a hot summer day.

Looking at the place, the husband was a little wary as to whether it was just a place that looked good or if they actually could serve good tea. So the UPite in him decided to test their measure with an old staple - adrak chai (ginger milk tea - 80/-). When his chai arrived, he found that the flavour and consistency was excellent, he would just have preferred to have it served hotter. The chai was served in a ceramic teapot - about 2 cups - and came with 2 complimentary sweetish jeera biscuits

VarieTea has a large range of snacks, pizzas, sandwiches etc, but we had just finished a good Sunday lunch and just wanted some tea & a light bite. So I ordered a bun maska (49/-), which was really good soft bun with a nice thick layer of Amul butter. Heaven! and the Chef's signature chocolate bun(69/-), which was a similar bun slathered with chocolate in the centre and drizzled with more chocolate sauce on the top. This was a really good chocolate bun, exactly the way I like it and completely unlike the chocolate sandwich at Shambhus which has chocolate chunks and cheese between 2 slices of bread.

The bill was brought to us in a painted kitli (aluminium kettle) and I loved the way the coins in the change were placed in the upside down kettle cover for easy access.

Do note, that service is really slow, so this is not the place to go if you are in a hurry, but its an ideal place to go if you just want to relax and chill out with friends or family.

We loved the place and will definitely go back to try more of their VarieTeas.

Rating : 4.5 / 5

Edited on 26 Jan 14 to add:

On multiple subsequent visits to VarieTea, we have had the opportunity to try their snacks, the french fries, sandwiches, pizzas have all been great. The Sweet Potato Fries are an interesting innovation and while a Vegetarian Philly Cheese Sandwich sounds ridiculous, it does taste good. Never been disappointed with their quality or flavour.

They also have a shop on top where you can buy fancy teapots, exotic teas and their home made cookies.

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