Friday, November 22, 2013

Mocktail Shots, Ahmedabad

Mocktail Shots,
Food Court - Alpha One Mall.
+91 9924116784, +91 9904875698

Disclaimer : I am not from Gujarat, just posted in this city for awhile.
So honestly, I feel sorry for the flair bartenders here at Mocktail Shots, who have a really smart jazzy looking location with flashing colored lights, they dress up much more snazzily than the staff at the other surrounding outlets in the food court, they have hip music playing in the background, but not a drop of alcohol to play around with.

Also most customers that I have seen in the food court, prefer to have a fountain pepsi, cold coffee or chocolate shake. Rarely do you see anyone standing outside the "Mocktail Shots" outlet.

However, one day, out of sheer sympathy for the guys who were juggling cocktail shakers and bottles with no one ordering anything from them, I decided to try a few mocktails, but it ended up being too sweet for our taste. The combinations weren't bad, it was just overly sweet for me. If I do try them again, I will definitely ask them to lower the sugar in my drinks.

Their drinks range in prices from 69/- to 169/- There are also a few shots priced at 50/-

Rating : 3 / 5

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